Hurricane Preparedness for the Elderly

For Our Elderly

  1. Download a hurricane app for your phone

  2. Make sure you have enough food, water, and medication 

  3. Prepare an emergency kit with items like flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, and important documents

  4. Create a plan to find out where you will go if there is an evacuation order or power outage

  5. Discuss the importance of having contact information on everyone’s cell phones in case they get separated during the storm

  6. Review any medical conditions with their doctor so they know what to do when emergencies arise

For Caregivers

  1. Make sure your elderly loved one has an evacuation plan

  2. Stock up on batteries, food, water, and medicine for at least 3 days

  3. Talk about what is expected of them during the storm – be proactive with their caretaker or family member

  4. Assign someone as a contact person who can check-in on them throughout the storm
  5. Make sure they have any necessary equipment such as glasses, hearing aids, etc. 

  6. Get some exercise beforehand to help maintain their independence so they don’t become sedentary while waiting out the storm

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