Connections and Stories

Connect with our staff, associates, families, and residents through their experiences from the past and present, to the connections they’ve made at Williamsburg. We believe telling our stories helps capture the uniqueness of our residents and community. Please enjoy and share these stories and if you haven’t already, share your thoughts with us.

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Ms Gigi at YMCA of Baton Rouge

Meet Our Wonderful Ms. Gigi

Getting older doesn’t mean losing independence, mobility, or health. As we age, a regular exercise routine can help us stay young and active. Low-impact exercises are great for seniors who want to stay fit. They are easy on the joints, help strengthen and stretch muscles, and are good for cardiovascular health. 

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Articles from Our Writers Club

Articles from Our Writers Club – October 2020

OCTOBER 2020 WRITERS CLUB ARTICLES​ -connections and stories- At Williamsburg we have many clubs and groups for residents to join. One of those clubs is our Writers Club. Residents gather twice a month to learn, read, and critique each other’s submissions. Each month a few submissions are chosen to be in Williamsburg’s community newsletter. Below are some of the articles that have been published in the newsletter.

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